Therapy Delivery Model

Who needs Occupational Therapy?

Any individual that experiences difficulty in managing their daily occupations including productivity, self-care and leisure is a good candidate for occupational therapy.  For adults who experience disability this may mean that they need a new productive role in the community as a volunteer if they are unable to return to work.  Challenges in taking care of oneself or modifying the home environment for safety and optimal occupational performance can be addressed by Four Ravens Occupational Therapy.  For children, the primary occupation is play.  Many children who experience fine motor challenges avoid play tasks like play-doh, coloring or even peeling an orange.  While school-based occupational therapy services focus on educational success, home-based occupational therapy addresses independent living skills for children with challenges in addition to neurological, cognitive and physical challenges that relate to occupations such as play, dressing, grooming, and being a productive member of a family.  Four Ravens therapists are able to observe occupational performance in a natural environment and provide simple solutions for managing behaviors or other functional barriers to success in daily life.

Four Ravens OT delivers therapy services in the mode is appropriate for the client’s situation.

  • Direct client therapy services in home or community
  • Training for Caregivers and Support Staff
  • Coordinate with other care professionals

Payment Accepted

  • Insurance Billing Provided. Four Ravens is currently a registered preferred provider with Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, AETNA, Alaska Medicaid and Medicare Part B
  • We offer several discounts for families with multiple children receiving therapy, clients who refer us to other potential clients, and individuals with high deductibles on their insurance plans which would otherwise prohibit them from receiving therapy services. We offer individual payment plans on a case by case basis for portions not covered by insurance or clients/families experiencing hardship covering the cost of therapy.
  • Direct Private Payment at reduced rate
  • Services provided at the Dahl Memorial Clinic in Skagway are covered under the sliding scale fee
  • School Based services provided by Four Ravens Occupational Therapy throughout Southeast Alaska are provided at no charge to families in accordance with IDEA.